Customized Solutions for Both Mac and Microsoft

Based out of Australia, One IT has specializes in both software development and web design, turning complex systems and tedious routine into easy to use, automated solutions!

Software Development

Software Development

A one-use platform for all the systems you use; sounds too good to be true? OneIT can help make that dream a reality – be it integration or the development of a platform which would help you save time and money in your business.

OneIT also provides consulting services to help you identify the root of your company’s problems. You might be facing an increase in customer complaints but not sure where exactly the problem starts, the consulting team will take a look through day to day operations and pinpoint where exactly their software development team is able to come in to bridge gaps in current workflow.

OneIT has experience working with big clients and has received positive feedback with each of their partners – be it Commonwealth Bank or RAC Finance, just to name a few. All this services yet they do not come with a hefty price tag and the best part is it is very scalable across both big and small companies. So if a company starts off small and grows larger, no need to worry as the customized software is able to be used by more people without suffering any teething growth issues.

Web Design

web design

Starting on a new website or struggling to build one on your own with the complexities of HTML code everywhere? OneIT is the solution to your troubles. No matter the type of website – be it for public retail, and online reservations system or an online database, the team at One IT is able to support you through your site development and publish a site that goes beyond your expectations. Their team sits in-house, giving you access to all the required expertise at one place – CRM, booking scheduling or lead management for your day to day operations.

Also, the team focuses on the customer journey – the experience when on the site, click-through sites and how user-friendly the platform is. Wanting to maintain business relationships for the long-term, One IT wants to ensure that your team is entirely comfortable with the product and well-versed for daily usage.

OneIT has a one point of contact policy, ensuring that all clients have a dedicated point of contact who is also your representative to the in house design team when work commences. This reduces any double work or confusion that might result otherwise.

With a high level of service standard and consistent client delivery, OneIT is passionate about solving any software or design issues your company might be facing to improve your company’s time and cost efficiency.