Technical IT Support in Auckland

In New Zealand and need technical help for your internet woes? We feel you. We will be addressing some common IT issues and hopefully have the solution which you seek!

  • Internet Outages

    Internet Outages

Auckland and the rest of New Zealand have a high tendency to experience internet outages for both business and mobile usage. You end up spending the day trying to fix the internet and being frustrated more than doing anything else. So what should you do when you encounter internet outages?

Re-connect via instructions on your modem; shut off power and restart the system to see if internet connectivity returns. For phones, turn off data connectivity before re-starting to allow the phone to reboot and connect with available signals for internet.

  • Internet Site Hacking

    Internet Site Hacking

What happens if your website has been hacked and you lose all data which you had painstakingly put up previously? Well, first things first, you should contact your website provider and alert them at the earliest possible moment. They should already be aware of this problem and working on a solution. They should have a backup system which can be activated upon checking and making sure that their website system is once again secure. One point to note, not all website providers have backup systems so do a quick check if your site provider does have an offline backup system which can be used in the event of data losses.

  • Internet Virus Attacks

    Internet Virus Attacks

In this day and age, virus attacks such as Wanna Cry is common, taking consumer computers hostage by encrypting the data on it. This data is only decrypted upon payment of a ransom. This ransomwares spread through phishing emails and once clicked on, can spread to computers on the same network.

This has resulted in the hackers receiving a few thousands of dollars in ransom money but the instruction if you ever find yourself in the same situation would be to not pay the ransom and consult with your company’s IT as this ransomware tends to hit business computers rather than personal ones as paying the ransom would encourage the hackers in their work.

On your end, you can install antivirus on your computer or install a firewall to stop traffic coming in from sources deemed untrustworthy by your company’s IT team.

To summarize quickly, there will be no end to new problems with our internet and IT systems as society shifts to an information-based one. What we can do is to make sure that we are protected on our end through firewall and antivirus programmes. If there is access to your company’s IT team or a website provider, that is your easy way out.